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MCD Magic Factory was tasked with taking over BlueBean, powered by Standard Bank’s social media and improving visibility and engagement with existing followers ahead of the migration of BlueBean Credit Card holders to Standard Bank South Africa (SBSA) Credit Card holders.

Our key objectives were education, engagement and community management. Growth was no longer an objective since we would eventually establish Standard Bank as the new point of contact before discontinuing BlueBean’s Pages.

The Pages had been inactive for several months in 2016 and the beginning of 2017 which resulted in a poor relationship with clients on these platforms. We had to re-establish a connection with existing followers in the lead up to the migration in order to successfully communicate the change to as many of them as possible. We also collaborated with the bank’s internal team to manage and resolve all queries and concerns which were received on these platforms. It became crucial to establish SBSA as the new point of contact ahead of the closure of BlueBean Pages.

Our Approach

We aimed to focus on education as well as query response and resolution to build rapport to smoothly facilitate the imminent change. We reviewed which channels would best suit our campaign objectives and decided to discontinue the Instagram Page. The migration to SBSA would be presented as the improved value proposition that it is. We continued to communicate the product features and benefits since card holders would retain these. This message had to be delivered to about 27 000 fans on Facebook and about 9 000 on Twitter.

Tone, Visual Elements and Messaging

We were more on-brand (with SBSA), educational, approachable, inclusive, topical, exuberant and efficient in our engagement. We achieved this through studying our Facebook and Twitter communities; understanding their demographics, interests and where they are based. Our visual elements embraced South Africa’s racial diversity by using imagery that is widely representative and the audience appreciated seeing graphics that they could relate to.

Exciting Changes are coming
We will do it all for you. You don't need to do a thing

We started off by hinting at our association with SBSA by co-branding with the bank then eventually overtly branding the BlueBean Pages as SBSA Pages after the migration.

Exciting Changes are coming
We will do it all for you. You don't need to do a thing

Boosting (Paid Reach)

We sponsored Facebook content to trigger a positive algorithm, reaching as large a portion of the platform’s community as possible. This exponentially grew the visibility and engagement of posts between April and November 2017 when reaching the existing community with product information was crucial. We also made use of Facebook’s radius targeting function to serve content to cities where most of our audience was based.

There was an obvious increase in reach and engagement when we started actively producing content, re-establishing a relationship with the audience and boosting (in the case of Facebook). We received little public backlash regarding the migration throughout the period on social media.

Line graph showing BlueBean’s followers and reach on Facebook

BlueBean Facebook graph

Line graph showing BlueBean’s followers and reach on Twitter

BlueBean Facebook graph

By the end of December, we had established SBSA’s social media pages as the new point of contact for our fans and successfully closed the chapter on BlueBean, powered by Standard Bank.

BlueBean - Thank you and goodbye


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