BlueBean Credit Card

Migration Campaign

In 2017 Standard Bank made a strategic decision to switch all BlueBean Credit Card holders to their Standard Bank Gold Credit Card. MCD Magic Factory was commissioned to implement a customer-focussed campaign, migrating all BlueBean Credit Card holders to Standard Bank products. This included providing meaningful usage information and tips. We needed to communicate the value that being a Standard Bank customer brings, focussing the customers’ attention on the positive change.

Historically, the BlueBean brand message has been that of a lifestyle brand and ‘not a bank’. This was challenging when communicating the benefits that the customer would reap by being migrated to a more traditional ‘bank’ product/environment. The BlueBean brand team required MCD Magic Factory to devise and roll-out the migration strategy and associated communication material to meet the main objectives of retaining customers and minimising attrition.

The Solution

Our strategy followed a phased approach to the migration communications. This ensured that customers were eased into the change, with detailed information and reassurance that it would provide great benefits.

We started with a pilot campaign that targeted a specific group of BlueBean cardholders, which allowed us to measure the efficacy of our plan and adjust elements to ensure optimal communications ahead of the full roll-out.

A wide cross-section of channels was used to ensure that all customers were aware of the migration ahead of the switch.

BlueBean migration to Standard Bank timeline
Communication Tone

Appreciation of customer loyalty, providing value (it’s a better move), lower costs, assurance, action-oriented. With messages like:

Exciting Changes are coming
We will do it all for you. You don't need to do a thing
Phased Approach
BlueBean Merge to Standard Bank: Month 01
Month 1: Teaser
BlueBean Merge to Standard Bank: Month 02
Month 2: Announcement
BlueBean Merge to Standard Bank: Month 03
Month 3: You’ve been moved & detailed information
BlueBean Merge to Standard Bank: Month 04
Month 4: Mobile app migration

Continued: Social media information & query resolution

Channels used

  • BlueBean website
  • BlueBean Social Media: Facebook & Twitter
  • Monthly Statements: Print, Email & MMS
  • Direct Communications:
    • Email
    • MMS
    • SMS
  • Card Carriers on new card delivery
  • Call Centre collateral: Cheat sheet & campaign t-shirt production

Over the first year

  • Successful migration of the full BlueBean Credit Card clients to Standard Bank Gold Credit Card clients
  • Low query volumes
  • Minor attrition
  • Quick uptake & activation
  • Card Carriers on new card delivery
  • Established positive brand sentiment with customers towards both the BlueBean and Standard Bank brands


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Direct Communications
Client Service