Dealer Incentive Campaign

The Project

To engage and motivate Dealers to increase their sales and reach targets in order to qualify for a two-week trip to Rome & Sorrento in Italy.

The Challenge

To find a way to keep participating dealers engaged, excited, and motivated to reach sales targets by sending them attractive and meaningful gifts throughout the year.

The Solution

We developed a full campaign for the annual MFC/AMH Incentive programme for dealer principals which was hosted on a single page microsite. The incentive ran for a year, with monthly results communicated to the participants across email and SMS channels. We conceptualised exciting and relevant gifts at the launch of the campaign with quarterly deliveries to encourage sales. The final prize was a trip to Italy including winner gift packs.

The Elements

Single page informational microsite

The site introduces the incentive and provides campaign information. This is frequently updated as we publish the current results so that dealers can see where they stand.

The invitation

A keepsake box with the invitation, a pen and a set of postcards was given to all dealers invited to participate.

Gift 1

A gift set containing a custom designed recipe book and supplies to create an Italian dish given to all participants.

Gift 2

A gift box containing miniature collector’s item cars and a map of their manufacturing factories across Italy.

Gift 3

An indulgent collection of coffee and chocolate, accompanied by a travel coffee mug and a brochure highlighting the most photographed Italian attractions.

Winner gifts

The dealer incentive winners were gifted with a stunning, genuine leather branded travel bag ahead of their Essential Italy trip.


SMS notification sent to the Dealer Principles to check their results, which were posted monthly on the website.

The Results

Improved dealer engagement
Front of mind brand awareness by dealers
Successfully created excitement and anticipation for the campaign


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