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Online Origination Solution

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The Project

Develop a user-friendly, online origination solution for the bank’s credit card products. As the first of its kind, customer experience needed to be the focus with an instant decision and a smooth fulfilment process.

The Challenge

The introduction of the new NCA laws meant that the bank’s traditional outbound acquisition model, had to be replaced with an inbound solution. Our challenge was to streamline the online credit card application process. The solution needed to be capable of working across various product suites, such as BlueBean Credit Card and iStore Credit Card, in a consistent manner.

The Solution

Be first to market with an innovative solution. We created a new system to address the business problem and provide a platform that allows prospective customers to engage with the brand and apply for a credit card online, with an instant decision.

iStore Card Website

The Strategy Adopted & Rationale

The system developed integrates directly with a credit bureau to provide immediate feedback to the client online about the success of their application as well as the credit limit and product they qualify for. The client can then complete the entire application online. This application is funnelled through a custom-developed work flow tool that allows the operations and fraud teams to review, process the application, open the account and deliver the card.

We made the acquisition process as quick and simple as possible to ensure a good user experience.
Online Application Page
  • We enticed customers to utilise the inbound process by improving and clearly communicating the brand value propositions. This was placed across a variety of digital media platforms in an online campaign that drove traffic to the site.
  • We increased brand awareness and lead generation through an efficient system and great user experience.
Work flow tool
Workflow tool

Benefits & Efficiencies

  • Positive user experience with an online application process, completed in minutes
  • Less staff required for the application process
  • Automated document collection to speed up the process from application to card-in-hand
  • Automated validations and fraud flagging
  • Higher volumes of applications processed per day
  • Optimisations following drop off research allowed us to enhance the user experience on the application landing page, increasing the conversion rate
  • Data capture of all leads, even those that are not completed for use in future campaigns
  • Better tracking and reporting functionality which generates valuable market insights
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Increase in positive brand sentiment from a good client experience

The Results

Over the first year

The BlueBean website:

  658 582 - website visits
  1 883 059 - website page views
  63% - new visitors

BlueBean applications:

  87 475 - applications
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The Brand adoptions:

The BlueBean implementation was so successful that Standard Bank has adopted the use of the online origination solution and the work flow tool across multiple other brands, iStore Credit Card and Standard Bank partners online lead generation.

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